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I'm participating in both of these competitions at the moment so art relating to them is going to show up in this gallery rather than over in my main account. This is just to keep track of my progress through both competitions.

For this one, I entered Sailoreridanos. I can't use thumbnails since I don't have a premium membership on this account. Boo.
Edit: Apparently, I can use thumbnails. How interesting.

Round 1 - Entry Round
MSP Entry round - Sailoreridanos by sailorphaeton

Score: 62/90 (68.8%)
I liked the idea of having a sheet to work with for this round. It started everyone off on the same footing. I made a few mistakes that I didn't realize at first, so whoops on me.

Round 2 - Powers
MSP - Eridanos Soul Woe by sailorphaeton

Score: 68/90 (75.5%)
There was no way to do this and make the judges happy so I did it to make me happy. My score suffered as a result.

Round 3 - Theme Song
  MSP - The Escapist by sailorphaeton

Scoring: 77/90 (85.5%)
I have her song picked out after quite a bit of panicking and desperate searching through my music library. I found one that works if you think about it. Now I just have to figure out how to draw this.

So as you can see, some improvements are happening in my scores, but as there have only been two completed rounds, we'll see how this goes. This one isn't eliminating anyone it seems, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out in the end.
Update: Looks like my scores are continuing to improve. Yay!

Round 4 - Alignment Switch
MSP - Alignment Switch by sailorphaeton
 74/90 (82.2%)

Not only did we have to switch our character's alignment, but draw them in a different style, too. I'm super thrilled with how this turned out.

I was really confused by the feedback with this round. I had one judge saying that I didn't quite grasp the style while another stated that I did it perfectly. While I love drawing in other styles, it's so easy for stuff like that to happen. Style is so subjective. While I'm super proud of this piece, I was really disappointed by the round in general.

Round 5 - Formal Wear
MSP - Formal gown by sailorphaeton
Scoring: unknown
And back to my normal art style for this round.

I decided to enter Sailoreris for this one given that she's the only SoP character that hasn't done a competition yet.

Round 1 - Entry Round
MTS - Entry Round by sailorphaeton

Score: 79.75/90 (88.61%)
Good job me and shading her knee so it looked broken. Also wonky face a little. Otherwise pleased with this.

Round 2 - Civilian Round
MTS - Civilian Round by sailorphaeton

Score: 77/90 (85.5%)
I'm really happy with this one so I'm really sad that it's score was lower.

Round 3 - Holiday
MTS - Holiday by sailorphaeton

Score: 76/90 (84.4%)
I'm not really happy with how my last piece turned out, but I fully admit that I was under a fair amount of other pressure at the time and then the deadline got extended...yeah fun. If I make it through this round, which will be a miracle I figure, I'll take more time with my art in future rounds.

This competition is eliminating its participants, so I'm unsure as to how this will go. It would be great to make it past the third round but that would take a bit of a miracle at this point.
Update: Not surprised at the lower score since this is a weak image, but I'm moving forward, so whee!

Round 4: Raw Element
The cold never bothered her by sailorphaeton
Score: 77/90 (85.5%)
Hopefully I'll do better this round. There's only 3 of us left and, frankly, shuu-bunni is the superior artist in this group so...I have a strong feeling she'll win the competition. At this point I just hope to do well.
Update: I was eliminated this round. I'm not surprised and I'm really ok. I had a lot of fun with this competition.


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